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About Our School

Welcome to XYNA International Virtual High School

Xyna International Virtual High School is an Ontario-based private high school specializing in education programs for students. All courses offered by Xyna International Virtual High School are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education and provide students with an opportunity to earn credits towards their high school diploma. With over 100 courses available, Xyna International Virtual High School can also supplement the current education delivery system in any region or locale. This allows students worldwide to complete or upgrade their education, utilizing e-learning technology from any place at any time of day or night.

At Xyna International Virtual High School we recognize that education must adapt and find ways to accommodate students with specialized needs, learning styles and schedules. We work with many public schools, private schools, tutoring centres and various other institutions to provide students with an alternative learning option while they are completing course(s) required to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

We provide online high school education for many types of students including:

  • Students who would like to add an online course to their existing high school timetable;
  • Learners who are seeking entry into a college or university program and need to take a make-up course or a necessary prerequisite that their own local high school is not offering;
  • Students with health related issues or special learning needs who require access to an alternative learning program that will lead to graduation with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma;
  • Students who are pursuing careers in professional athletics, theatre or arts and must travel a great deal during the school year;
  • Adult students who are working full time and require a more flexible schedule;
  • Students who are temporarily relocated outside of Ontario and who would like to continue working towards their OSSD;
  • International students seeking a quality high school curriculum that will qualify them for entrance into university or college programs in Canada, the UK and around the world.

At Xyna International Virtual High School, we provide an extensive selection of courses for students to choose from which are often part of a wider selection not currently available at their daytime high school. Students can combine Xyna International High School courses with their regular classroom timetable and capitalize on the freedom of an online program designed to meet their needs.