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Assessment Policy

XYNA's Assessment Policy

Assessment is the process of gathering information from a variety of sources (including assignments, demonstrations, projects, performances, and tests) that accurately reflects how well students are achieving the curriculum expectations. As part of assessment, teachers provide students with descriptive feedback that guides their efforts towards improvement. Evaluation is the process of judging the quality of a student’s work on the basis of established achievement criteria, and assigning a value to represent that quality. In Ontario secondary schools, the value assigned will be in the form of a percentage grade.

Students are assessed and evaluated based on the Achievement Charts in the Provincial Curriculum Policy Documents for the courses in which they are enrolled. Evaluation is based on the level of achievement the student demonstrates in the skills and knowledge covered in a course. 70% of the final mark is based on classroom work for Knowledge & Understanding, Thinking, Communications and Application. Assessment is determined through a variety of methods such as ongoing class demonstrations, presentations, essays, performances and classroom tests and quizzes. 30% of the final mark is based on a final summative evaluation that may be determined through a variety of methods in the latter portion of the course. These could include a portfolio, essay, examination and/or demonstration. This final evaluation reflects the range and level of student skills and knowledge towards the conclusion of the course. At the beginning of each course, students receive an outline of the course evaluation from each teacher. This outline includes the assessment of academic achievement and learning skills. Student progress is formally reported to parents at mid-semester and end of semester.